Reasons Why College Athletes Should Not Be Paid (Free Sample)

August 22, 2018

Reasons Why College Athletes Should Not Be Paid

Statistically, the majority of college athletes wish to get payments for their talent. That is evident because every individual wants to receive cash for his or her job, even when only extra-curricular activities are meant. Nevertheless, that is not fair! Wonder why? In this essay, we will delve into this issue and provide you with the key reasons why college athletes shouldn’t receive payments for their work.

Those individuals who are far from sport and physical exercises consider that those students who are engaged in different sports activities are money makers. Nevertheless, that is not true because only the championship teams raise money for their educational establishments. The meaning of the general public is not always correct. Below, you can find a few reasons which will help you understand why all guys who play for university or college teams shouldn’t receive payments for their competitive career.

A Few Reasons Explaining Why Athletes Shouldn’t Be Paid

1. They Get Scholarships on a Monthly Basis

Not all athletes get scholarships, it depends on the status value of their higher educational establishment. Statistically, almost all students, engaged in sports activities of the schools or colleges from Kentucky, Florida, Ohio, and Alabama receive scholarships.

All of them have pleasant bonuses and enjoy the use of different discounts. In some instances, the government also pays for their tuition. Alternatively stated, except for receiving a number of perks, students also receive scholarships and paid tuition.

2. They Aren’t Skilled Professionals.

Firstly, you should understand that so young collegers can’t be super professional players. Thus, they can’t get too high salaries for every play. The time at a college is the period when they not only study but develop their playing skills as well. Students should consider this period to be just a step forward! They gain the college experience here which will help them in the near future. Furthermore, it is an excellent opportunity to introduce oneself. Coaches from popular teams frequently visit these matches. Thus, it is a fair opportunity to come into the spotlight.

3. Athletic Programs Aren’t Always Supported by the Government.

There are some programs which get financing on an ongoing basis, but unfortunately, the majority of them aren’t profitable. Some investors donate cash but it is necessary to add that too much of cash is going out.

4. Collegers Can’t Control Their Budgets.

This reason is not about all modern academicians but partially it is truthful. All college sportsmen are young guys who simply can’t control their budgets. Experts consider that money adds more problems to them. They can even slide deeper into the debt pit. To prevent this from happening, it is more profitable not to pay for their participation in the college team.

5. It Can Provoke Tension.

As you probably guess, not all players from the same team play well. Some of them play better than others. It would not be honest if all of them will have the same salary. Nevertheless, if one player receives more than the other one, it might cause tension between the players. It will also influence their relationships, they may quarrel with each other and won’t be focused on the gameplay. As a result, the team won’t be friendly and they will hardly give good results after matches. Coaches aren’t interested in these gripe sessions too because it takes time and efforts to help sportsmen get the relationship back on track.

6. It Costs Too Much for Schools.

If each member of the team gets the salary, the school’s budget will lose too much. They will be made to cut the financing of other areas which are also important for this or that school. Commonly, a higher educational establishment finances lots of areas, including the expenses for all the extra-curricular activities. If they will come to a conclusion to pay athletes, the other areas won’t be financed.

Playing for the college team, you shouldn’t consider this experience to be a chance to earn cash. That’s your opportunity to introduce yourself in this area, gain the new experience and a number of new friends.