List Of 50 Globalization Topics

July 24, 2018

50 Globalization Topics List

The paradoxes of globalization are the subject of sharp theoretical disputes since the ambiguity of unfolding processes inevitably affects the perceptions of them. This is the relevance of the chosen topic.

History of globalization development

The processes we now identify with the notion of “globalization” have begun in the old days. Trade between countries began many centuries ago when European merchants began to carry out trade trips to distant countries. The countries of Europe, which organized and carried out similar expeditions in search of a new way to India, began to trade in precious stones, spices, silk, gold, and silver. As a result, trading companies were established in many countries that had access to the sea. This time period can be named the beginning of modern international trade.

It has caused the most heated debate in the last decade

Is it possible to give a clear definition to the process of globalization? The fact that this has not been done so far emphasizes not so much the complexity of the task, but the fact that its solution is simply not necessary. In Western sociological theory, definitions historically played a lesser role than in East social science, where many well-known scientists have been concerned for decades with inventing terms and concepts (which in recent times has become similar to some kind of chronic illness). Meanwhile, in itself, the fact that the concept of “globalization” has not yet received a clear definition, says a lot about the nature of the process designated by it.

There are areas in which its superiority over the previous stages of development is beyond doubt. This applies to the information and technological areas, where a global information space is created, and technological changes occur almost simultaneously in the whole world due to intensive competition. Two important circumstances cannot be overlooked.

To study this topic deeper, we prepared for you 50 Globalization Topics for your essays. You learn more information while creating your own content with your thoughts.

50 Globalization Topics:

  1. Technician evolution and globalization
  2. Globalization of crime and terrorism
  3. International corporations in globalization
  4. Economic inequality, which is growing every day
  5. Rich and poor in the 21st century. How does globalization affect them?
  6. The effects of globalization on the developing countries
  7. Technologies in the 21st century: global connect or total loneliness?
  8. Globalization of financial markets.
  9. Examples of globalization in modern society.
  10. Human life in a globalized world.
  11. A deeply and directly interconnected life of people throughout the world of the 21st century.
  12. Investment and globalization
  13. International criminals and their popularization during globalization.
  14. Outbreaks of deadly diseases around the world: globalization or degradation?
  15. Is globalization bad for developing economies?
  16. Cultural globalization: one single culture or thousands of different nations?
  17. List of globalization problems and reasons why we should stop it
  18. Does globalization threaten cultural identity?
  19. Social indicators of globalization
  20. Impacting of globalization in the world’s political realm
  21. Global neighborhood: bad or good?
  22. Should globalization be blamed for transfer of immoral cultures?
  23. The growth of megacities and their importance in the 21st century
  24. The various forms and types of globalization
  25. Globalization: pluses and minuses
  26. How does globalization happen?
  27. Globalization and environment — friends or enemies ?
  28. How has technology contributed to globalization?
  29. How do globalization effects art?
  30. How are globalization and intelligence sharing connect in the 21st century?
  31. How has globalization impacted or affected the relationship between countries?
  32. Increasing the number of immigrants. Plus or minus of globalization?
  33. Internet and globalization problems or achievement of the 21st century?
  34. Impact of Globalization on children
  35. Globalization of education: evolution or degradation?
  36. Children of the 21st century through the world will be friends or spies
  37. Globalization is living a happy life or pretending to be happy for worldwide social media
  38. How has trade suffered from globalization? Growth or crash?
  39. Cultural manifestations of globalization
  40. How are democratization and globalization related?
  41. A critical view on globalization
  42. Global Media in the 21st century — politics or connects
  43. Music and globalization
  44. (country. e.g., USA) globalization impact
  45. Foodborne Disease Outbreaks
  46. The spread of the English language throughout the world is the result of globalization
  47. Manipulation of mass consciousness in a globalized world
  48. The social consequences of the globalization process
  49. Is terrorism the result of globalization?
  50. The dissemination of advertising and the imposition of stereotypes are the main signs of globalization.

Signs of globalization

This process has affected all aspects of human life. The main factors of globalization:

  • The weakening of national states.
  • Advertising development.
  • Increase in export and import.
  • Increase in turnover of stock exchanges.
  • The merger of enterprises located on different continents.
  • Fusion of cultures, the emergence of an international language.
  • Growing up with the popularity of international tourism.

Travel is one example that benefits the most from globalization – from the airline industries being able to partner with each other to hotel chains being able to unify under one global umbrella of standards, travelers now can roam the world more efficiently, cost-effectively and with peace of mind that wherever they go to, commonalities exist to make understanding the world map feel more attainable than ever before.


Any global process allows abusive behavior. This is the intervention of the most advanced economies in the domestic politics of less developed, that is, the actual erosion of the sovereignty of their states.

From the negative effects of globalization indirectly and directly suffers all humanity. The main objective of today’s world politics is the emphasis on the development of positive moments of globalization, its positive opportunities.

Proponents of this process say that it is impossible to manage and it is natural, but to reduce the negative consequences and strengthen the dignity can, if to conduct a reasonable protectionist policy, to reform the currency system. It is necessary to form national or regional “free trade zones” protected from the negative impact of the global economy.