How To Write An Essay On “What Is Justice”

August 22, 2018

What Is Justice

Every day a human faces questions related to his life and being on Earth. How we communicate and what is the law of life, what we should do and how to behave – basic discovery for many of us. Equality, no matter in which sphere, concerns people the most. Without understanding the purpose of building social relationships and being polite to the others it is difficult to feel valuable. Trying to find the answer to these questions we approach the issue of justice. Before deciding whether it exists, we concentrate on the definition of justice. For many centuries people argue about the interpretation of mutual consent and equitable attitude to each other – it is still relevant.

Starting an essay about justice, think about the introduction. This question has been discovered already, it is possible to compare your ideas with other people or rethink it in a new way. Begin the introduction by emphasizing the importance of the topic and briefly describe the most common view on it. Formulate your attitude to the problem in one sentence. It might contain a few points of your thoughts or the one, which you will develop later. The thesis statement must be laconic and generalize the idea of your essay.


A problem of justice arises each time people try to explain odds in their life. It is easy to agree on what is unfair: this is individual and remains almost stable throughout our life. Thinking about justice, people realign with life situations and define it differently. We refer the reflections about the reasonableness of our actions and actions of other people to the most difficult philosophical questions. Even if our opinion is right, we need to persuade billions of people to do the same. Building a society which has similar thoughts about the basic concepts of life is an impossible task, but it is worth doing. Justice is a system of human interaction, which reveals hidden circumstances and allocates resources according to the needs and intentions of people.

Write the body paragraphs on the grounds of your thesis statement. Divide your main arguments into the sections and arrange them in the logical order. Use citations and references to philosophers whose ideas you support. You may turn to the books and movies which inspire you for reflection on the topic of justice. To make an essay more relevant, compare the ideas of a few people and argue your position. Use the methodic of the persuasive essay: state your attitude, present opposite opinions, give comments on unambiguity of the question. The last body paragraph should be a smooth transition to the conclusion. Check if there is no repetitions and redundant phrases in the main part, correct mistakes. Make sure that your ideas are reflected correctly.


Firstly, people formulate the notion of justice drawing on their life experience and environment. In general, we divide the construction of justice into two dimensions. One is equality in the ideal world where everything can be under control. The second one is everyday justice: at work, at home, during the disputes. Philosophers concentrate on the first idea, while we are more interested in the second. Justice as a common notion should be implemented in practice. That is why it varies from time to time: emotions lead into the situation when a person wants to shield itself and thinks it is a display of justice. We want this notion to work to our advantage, so other people should adjust to it. If the person has ever experienced a situation which he considered unfair, he may lose the ability to judge impartially. The difficult process of defining justice becomes even more complicated with personal attitude.

Secondly, the ground for justice is a moral law. We interpret life situations as a test for moral values: those who follow the rules must receive a remuneration. Justice is often associated with the allocation of resources. If you work hard, your work must be well paid. Perpetrators must be punished if justice works in the way it has to. The problem starts when we cannot decide what is right and wrong – justice cannot be determined. Following the moral law, we face cases when it does not work. Who of two equal people deserves better treatment, if we need to make a choice? Everyone has to be a philosopher to solve issues in the ideal paradigm. We rely on the innermost feelings or conscience – justice might appear as an individual perception of the world.

Thirdly, people determine justice as an elusive thing. John Tolkien in his book, “The Fellowship of the Ring”, uses a very accurate statement for a man’s place in the world. “Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal with death in judgment. For even, the very wise cannot see all ends”. We often experience confusion in life not being able to explain many events. For this reason, we state that justice does not exist or shift responsibility to the higher power. The higher power defines who and in which way will get an encouragement because only they can see all the circumstances which surround us. People feel miserable thinking about situations they cannot influence. Justice is a theory in which we want to believe rather than put into effect. Too many factors we do not know prevent us from being judges to the others.

In the conclusion summarize your attitude to the problem. Rephrase and shorten the body paragraphs, mention whether we can have one definition of justice. If the discussion can be continued, give a hint to the next points and end your essay with a summary.


Not all of the questions have the answer – justice refers to these topics. We view fairness with bias as a part of our nature – it leads to uncertainty in many problems. Well-being is the reason we strive for equality – our needs should be satisfied. Other people help us to regulate the rules and adapt to the world around. Justice exists only if there are people involved in the system of it. At least the small group should share the same ideas – then it works. Variety of thoughts about the problem makes it more complicated, but we believe that there is only one solution which is out of control.