How To Write An Essay On “The Importance Of Sport”

August 30, 2018

The Importance Of Sport

It is hard to overrate the importance of sport: today fitness and professional sport are on the edge of glory. Thus, writing a paper on the importance of sport is not that complicated, since there are many sources you may use to complete your essay. But as far as you want to write a decent, high-quality and free plagiarism essay, you have to be aware of some points. We have gathered for you some great tips – you will be able to write an essay and get A or A+ for your paper.

It does not matter you’re going to write an argumentative essay or just a short essay on the importance of fitness – our tips will really help you to write a good paper from the scratch. It goes without mentioning – any good essay has a structure and a paper on the importance of fitness is no exception. Keep on reading to find out ultimate secrets on essay writing.

Pay Attention: Do not forget to check the paper for plagiarism and proofread it twice. We recommend to print out your essay and read it from the beginning to the bottom – to make sure there are no mistakes or mistypes. Do not forget that you can always ask your professor if you have some misunderstandings on the topic or essay writing.

How to start an essay on this topic

Before you start working on your essay, you need to do a real research. It is important to mention that even if your essay is not argumentative, research is a must. A well-done research is half of the success of an academic paper. We want you to pay attention to 4-5 sources and it’s minimum.

  1. The 1st step is to check out the library at your university. There are many books on fitness and you have a lot of chances to find what you need.
  2. The 2nd place to look for books is e-library. You may use your regional library or check out some other e-libraries on the Web.
  3. The 3rd one is the Internet. Make sure you do not use encyclopedias like Wikipedia – since they are not academic sources, they are not allowed to use in any papers. If you use videos from YouTube or other original sources, make sure you put them in a proper format.

Formatting: there are APA, MLA, Harvard and other formats which students should follow.

The 4th source you can use is an interview. Surprised? This will totally bring you high marks. Do not be afraid to interview famous sportsmen – it will significantly raise your paper’s mark since small talk with any prominent person who is on a topic is always a plus for an essay.

Once you are ready to start with an introduction section, just picture that your reader knows nothing about sports. What would you say to that person in 400-500 words? It will be your introduction. Now let’s take a look to introduction example to get a greater understanding on how to write in a proper way.

Introduction example:

It is hard to overrate the importance of fitness – today fitness and professional sport are two big trends in the world. This paper is aimed to show which advantages and disadvantages fitness may bring and how it can unite people. For the time being, a sport is mostly used for professional aims or to lose/gain body weight. Nevertheless, there are many other goals for fitness.

We have analyzed how fitness can help to heal people with psychological problems, interviewed a few famous sportsmen who had explained how sport can help our society to be more healthy physically and gathered some actual data to show why fitness is an easy and available way for children to stay united. It was a big surprise for the research to find out the importance of sport is very high that it can help to cope with racism.

How to write a body of an essay on this topic

Since the importance of sport is really very high, it is hard to stay with a few thoughts in a paper. Thus we recommend to take a piece of paper and write down 3-4 main thoughts you want to deliver to your readers. In addition, you need to understand what stands behind your position.

Do you like fitness? What do you think of the importance of sport in your country? How do you think fitness can help to cope with some racial problems in schools?

It is important to divide your paper into sections and present your position step by step. Your reader (and in your university, it’s your professor) needs to feel like a fish in the sea reading your paper. Make your paper convenient and clear even for a child – this is the best way to captivate them and get a higher mark.

Body paragraphs example:

As for Smith (2005), he claims that sport became popular in the late 1960s. Today there are fitness and sport; the major difference between them is in the result. Fitness does not follow any serious aim, but sport requires a person to be stronger, to work harder and to deliver the even clearer result. This is the law. At the initial sight, it may seem bad, but from the other side of a hand, sport can bring a lot of good. For instance, it can unite people since it does not care of body skin color, nationality or country.

How to conclude an essay on this topic

We are always being asked – is the conclusion the most important paragraph of the paper? It is hard to say that there are important and not really significant paragraphs, but yes, a conclusion is something readers will keep in mind once they’re done with your essay. You need to squeeze the maximum of your paper and provide as much information as you can. Main ideas, thoughts and research outcomes must be in the conclusion. Here you can do as with body paragraph — make sure you have some major ideas to highlight and put them into conclusion.

Conclusion example:

To sum up, the importance of fitness is very high, but it differs depending on a country, region or state. Today the popularity of sport and fitness is very high in Europe and North America, but it is not that popular in Asia. There are many ways to make fitness even more popular in this region in order to unite students or children in primary schools. It must be emphasized that fitness is out of racism, age or country – it is something that can unite different people from all over the world. The importance of fitness has much good and our society needs to do much to popularize it.