How To Write An Essay On “Religion And Me”

August 22, 2018

Religion And Me

Almost all of the people believe in something. Belief in a higher power forms an important part of our life and performs the function of compensation. Every human needs friends, family, self-realization – we can receive these things experiencing religious feelings. The variety of religions in the world shows us that everyone is looking for a specific consolation. It might change during our existence because preferences and needs evolve. Religion reflects not individual path only but represents cultures and nations. People put their knowledge and perception of the world into different rituals and practice. The first primitive practice existed in the very beginning of human being on Earth. This topic will be relevant until people have the need for concern and confidence about tomorrow.

Writing about your attitude to religion you should consider many factors. Do not use forceful comments and adamant statements.

Choose a strategy for your essay:

  • your attitude to religion (what is it and why people need it)
  • your religious experience (when it started and what religion gives to you)
  • if you are an atheist, use the structure of the argumentative essay. Give reasonable arguments about why we do not need religious traditions.

After identifying the topic, start the introduction. Mention the place of religion in a person’s life and the significance of it in the history. In the thesis statement write succinctly about your attitude and develop it in the body paragraphs. Another way to write a thesis is dividing it into the items in case you choose the argumentative essay. Be accurate at the beginning of the essay: body paragraphs should develop it, not contradict it.


There are always the situations when we have no hope but continue doing our things. For many of us, the reason for it is a belief that we get what we deserve. There is someone who watches over us and knows our hidden intentions: that is how he is able to control our lives. A desire to explain difficult life processes, shift a responsibility, find a consolation lead us to the common factor – religion. People are looking for different things depending on the cultural background and circumstances – new beliefs are created every day. Religion is a perpetual search for a paternal support, a system of social control and an explanation of the Earth’s existence.

Develop the body paragraphs according to the essay type. Mention what is the most important in religion for you, how it influences your treatment of people. Religion is a topic which requires personal involvement: use key phrases which point to your opinion. If there is a story about how you become a believer or an atheist, you may write it. Check the information you provide talking about religious practices. Comparisons with other religions are possible, avoid being biased and do not concentrate on it as the main topic. Arrange the body paragraphs in the logical order:

  • Give a hint to your background, describe things which influenced your choice.
  • In what you believe, whom you consider being the higher power – mention it here.
  • What your religion gives to you and why other people may like it.


All human beings, regardless of their age, will always remain children. I think that we have a continuing need for parental support and control – commandments and holy books guide us and delineate the good and the evil. Human’s conscience results in the situations when people feel guilty and miserable. The higher power can soothe this feeling and provide the protection. Fear of death contributes to our appeal to the Godfather – only almighty entity can convince us that we have something to rely on. We are used to receiving the best gifts from our parents for a good behavior. The same pattern we expect to get in the adult life – despite all of the troubles, someone still loves us and cares about our well-being.

Religious practices require the methodology and regularity – these things are widely used to control people. The rites become a part of everyday life and are used as the methods of containing social problems. While a belief can be a more personal sphere, religion engages communities and countries. People remain attached to their native ground and associate religion with the whole culture. The problem starts when the government or informal institutions manipulate people with their values. The church is a second home where we bring our emotions, hopes, and concerns. Family values are also an important factor here – religion turns into a thing we want to protect. Considering religion as an integral part of our life we may hurt other unintentionally – someone wants us to do it.

The most important thing religion gives us are answers to many questions. A human understands that its mental capacity is not enough to understand the world around us. Thoughts about life and death, the world’s creation, diversity of the animal world occupy our heads every day. People are used to finding the beginning point for everything – our beliefs reduce anxiety and simplifies being on Earth. Except for creation question, we receive a knowledge about our mission. Finding the path in life brings meaning to it: psychology works here again. The demand for answers leads us to the philosophical explanations. People have to choose between ratio and emotional attachment – here the question of religion arises.

Conclude your essay by discussing the importance of its existence. Remind the reader about emotional satisfaction it gives, the moral values it sets. If your religion represents a specific culture, write about the interrelationship between beliefs and people. In the conclusion reflect the main points from the body paragraphs and restate the thesis in a more detailed way.


Many people refer themselves to a specific belief – the same number of people still do not know who they are. Questions of religion are very individual and are based on human needs. I see beliefs as aspects of personal choice which determine a person. Some obvious things lead people to religion: emotional affection, demand for support and protection, desire to live without any uncertainty. If a religion does not bring any harm, it deserves respect. The reason for it is very simple: even if we do not believe in God, beliefs represent our life and culture, attitude to the world and people.