How To Write An Essay On “My Favorite Sport Is Tennis”

August 30, 2018

My Favorite Sport is Tennis

Numerous people all over the globe are fans of tennis and it’s really hard to neglect that tennis is a popular kind of sport. For the time being, there’re two major kinds of this game: table tennis (sometimes people call it ping-pong) and real or regular tennis. It does not matter which tennis you like and which topic you want to take to write about it — both of these games are being played all over the globe and are loved equally.

Have you heard of that person used to call tennis “the sport for kings”? Only a few centuries ago, tennis was like golf — this game for the upper-class society. Real tennis is more popular – thus, it is being broadcasted by TV or YouTube streams. Needless to mention that today tennis is included in the world famous OG (stands for Olympic Games). These are just a few reasons why my favorite sport is tennis is a relevant subject for the paper.

How to start an essay on this topic

Initially, you have to picture that your readers are aware of nothing about tennis. It is better to picture your paper will be read by an alien. Can you explain to that alien what stands for tennis? Why millions love it? Can you explain in brief how and why tennis has become a big part of sports life? And how come today it is included in OG? Starting an essay on tennis, you should briefly present this subject from A to Z.

This paragraph does not require any statistical information or facts — your goal is to get readers acquainted with the topic. This is the 1st paragraph and you should start with it as soon as you can — do not makeup writing an essay for the last day of the semester. Keep in mind that if you have any questions, difficulties or misunderstandings, you can always as your professor to read your essay or get a piece of advice on writing.

Introduction example:

Today tennis is not just a favorite game for people in the USA, Europe, Asia and other countries and regions. It is also a big business. There are many professional players who earn big money by concluding different contracts. The majority of them are advertising propositions where tennis players promote watches, sportswear and other goods including food or supplements. How come tennis managed to won hearts of folks all over the globe? This essay is devoted to my favorite sport – tennis. I’d like to show why tennis matters for myself, why this game is taken as a noble sport, I’ll also share some interesting facts on tennis and its history.

As for details, you may provide some interesting facts to catch the reader’s attention and make him go on with your essay. It can be facts like this:

For instance, sometimes, it’s pretty unusual to watch tennis with left-handed players. That is why the majority of sports stars have to choose right-handed opponents or learn how to adapt in a no time to play in a different way.

How to write a body of an essay on this topic

Writing a body for any essay may take some time, that is why you should be prepared — all together it takes from 2 to 3 days, depending on the scale of your paper. Today there are many websites which may provide a body paragraphs example for the topic ‘tennis’, but you should understand that plagiarism and structure are those two issues you should pay attention. Below you will find a body paragraph example to get a better understanding of how to write this part.

Now, let’s give you a few pieces of advice:

  1. try to include statistics and as minimum 1 source for a page;
  2. do not be afraid to boldly express your own point for the topic, especially your topic is named “My favorite sport is tennis”;
  3. make certain that you softly took your reader from introduction and take him to a conclusion.

Body paragraphs example:

Most people in the USA, Great Britain, and Europe are fond of sports and I am not an exception. Even if I do not do sports, I talk about it. Tennis is my favorite kind of sports — it’s lots of fun. There are football and rugby, badminton and squash, but I like tennis the most.

You may add some words to the history of tennis:

Many kinds of sports saw the world in Great Britain and tennis is one of them, but today it is being appreciated all over the world.

Why not add some details on the game:

Summer is the most popular season for sports, especially for tennis. As for professional tennis, all of them have to wear special white boots, T-shirts, shorts or skirts.

Body paragraph is a part where you can insert some sources, additional information and provide links to your essay’s appendix. Do not hesitate to provide your own view and deliver some statistical information on the topic.

How to conclude an essay on this topic

There is no need to mention that conclusion is the most important part of any book, any article, and an essay. Basically, your goal is to squeeze your essay in 500-800 words and provide the essentials to your reader.

Keep in mind that the topic of your essay is “My favorite sport is tennis”, thus you have to stick to this and express your own opinion on the topic. If you are about to alter something in tennis, if you have your own ideas on the game — do not hesitate to insert them into conclusion. Conclusion paragraph is a part where you summarize the whole essay and provide your own ideas on the topic.

Conclusion example:

Summing up, tennis is not only my favorite game — it’s being appreciated by millions of people all over the world. Today folks from Europe, Asia, Russia, the USA and other parts of the world play this game and make their bets for a professional tennis player. It is hard to underrate the importance of this sport in the world sports arena. No doubts that tennis will stay on the edge of glory and will gain even more popularity in the future. Tennis is not only a great kind of sports — it unites people from all over the world since it has no boundaries like any other sports.

These tips will help you to write a good essay and develop the topic. Do not forget to proofread your paper twice and edit it as required. If you need some help from a professional editor, you may ask us and we will give you a hand. Writing an essay may seem to be easy, but it is only at first sight.