How To Write An Essay On “My favorite Sport Is Football”

August 30, 2018

My Favorite Sport is football

What do usually people puzzle or conceive when they hear the word “sport”? In accordance with the recent studies, 48% of those asked come into mind sports activities in the gym or at home, and 52% think about the most popular kind of sport in the entire world — football. That is not weird, because for the most part football was the first sport we discovered for our self. Who does not keep in mind how father spent at most 2 hours, watching and cheering on his favorite football team on TV? That was the first time a little schoolboy got acquainted with the famous and world known kind of recreational activity. From that time forward a young football player got himself familiar with the ball and how to move it with the help of legs! Competitions at school had not been without a brave footballer, for whom the ball became the best friend.

Who is this story about? Guess it is about every schoolboy around the world, as football is the most prominent and beloved in the midst of youngsters. That’s why when children have to write an essay on the theme “My favorite sport”, in most cases they choose football decidedly.

What to begin with?

The most spread question among young writers is what to start from. For the first sign it may be seen as moderately easy, but everyone wants to be special and write a creative and interesting essay. So it will be very typical, to begin with, “I like football very much”. You should kindle the reader’s interest and attract attention with some perhaps alluring anecdotal pieces of evidence, which are connected with football. It has to be very natural and exciting. Not only that, but you also can start with the fact that you are a future famous football player, how do you end up with it. Using expressive features, you will make your essay much more interesting.


Being a 5 years old boy, once I was walking with my dad near the school, where a group of teenagers was playing football. Suddenly a ball rolled next to my feet. It was the first time I saw a ball. Despite it was long ago, I bear in mind its color — it was red with black stripes. With no hesitations, by the light of nature, I pushed the ball and it rolled straight to the goalposts. I was very excited about that, for all that I was not familiar with the rules. That was my first meeting with this fantastic kind of sport, but not the least one.

The body of an essay as its core

The body of an essay is typically an explanation of the theme, some theoretical information wouldn’t go amiss. But this theoretical data and well-known facts do not have to be copied from Wikipedia. What’s more, to describe your craving for football, write about a famous footballer — your idol. It can be both notable to many football players and famous in his country talented player. Not only that, but the body has to be structured and logical, even if you decide to describe several compelling issues, they should be interrelated.


Football is not only my hobby but my passion. That exciting feeling when you dribble to the gates, the wind winnow your hair, but you see nothing except for the gates and the goalkeeper in front of you. I can compare it to no other feelings when you pull the ball in the back of the net. Emotions fill your body and your day will certainly be good. But to reach goals and to get such results I need inspiration. I can find it in my preferred football player — Luis Suarez. As stated in British journal FourFourTwo, Luis Suarez, the striker for Spanish club Barcelona, is third in the list of 100 best football players in the world. Trailing only Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi, Uruguayan footballer has the third position.

In my opinion, have an idol, a person who has already reached her goals and became prominent is enviable in life. I sincerely appreciate football, because I feel that it is a part of me and I would like to engage my life in this kind of recreational activity.

How to conclude

The conclusion is the overall results described above. Usually, it is some philosophical thoughts about the future, connected with football. But still, it is substantial not to describe it too boring. The mood you started your essay has to be presented in the conclusion to make it full-fledged. A good idea about the conclusion is to write about your plans for the future, but do not forget to write one thing you didn’t write previously. Why should you do it? Because to read the same information in conclusion, but in other words may be too tedious for the reader. So try to variegate the ending. For example, you can write about other kinds of sport you appreciate, but not so much as football, you can use metaphors to enrich your essay etc.


What did I understand during playing football for 5 years? That football can be compared to the life. Sometimes we fall due to the sake of others, or we are guilty of our falling. Other may help or may ignore us. But if you do not take arise, you can not play, but the game has already started. So, the quicker you stand up, the quicker you can play and make a goal. Very often the hobby fills life with something more than just useful thrilling of time — we become well-organized, careful and met new people. But we also find the sense of life in such simple things as football, for example. Playing it, we become a team, a real team, where everyone has its responsibilities. And when someone will not do it, the whole group can lose. But even when it happens, when someone failed, it is enviable not to shout at, but understand and explain what he or she did wrong. Thanks to football I found good friends and a new life.