How To Write An Essay On “How You Spend Your Holiday”

August 16, 2018

How You Spend Your Holiday

Writing an essay on “How you spend your holiday” is actual at the beginning of a school year and after winter or spring holidays. Teachers like to give this very task to encourage students to think over and make them work after long weekends. A personal essay on this topic is a good way to start working hard as everyone knows that it is easier and more interesting to speak about your real story and share your experience than imagine something. The first and the most important task is to decide on your topic. Choose the most bright and memorable moment of your vacation and start to create your masterpiece. If it is difficult for you, look through your photos or souvenirs which will remind you of your marvelous moments. They also can be your additional materials during the presentation of the essay.

There is no need to write about every event and every day of your holidays. Just try to recollect the most exciting and memorable moment and describe it. For example – you went to a capital city of your country. Describe what did you see there and what did you do adding a lot of details.

Talking about the structure of any composition, we should remember that all essays include an introduction, main part, and conclusion. Here you should have a short, strict and tricky beginning to interest a reader and make him read further. Tell the general idea and background information of time and place you will be talking about.


“Once, a famous person said: “You never get a second chance to get a first impression.” And it is true. This summer I visited Paris – the capital of France. And the first impression of this city was incredibly unforgettable.”

In the body part you have to talk about your bright moment. Use nearly two or three paragraphs to describe it in details to visualize your vacation.


“Paris is not an ordinary city like a lot of other capitals of the world. It is a city of lights, a city of love and romance. It is a magical place where The past is intertwined with the present creating a unique and fascinating whole. Here, modern skyscrapers of metal and glass, peacefully coexist with Gothic cathedrals of the 12th century built of stone. Paris attracts with each avenue, every street. I began to discover Paris with a sightseeing tour around the city. I climbed the Eiffel Tower to admire the city from the bird’s eye view, strolled along the Champs-Elysees which attracts thousands of shoppers each year with luxury windows of glamorous shops.

Being in love with the medieval culture, I went to The Island of Sete, where the Notre Dame Cathedral is looking proudly through the ages. Here, it seems that a beautiful gypsy Esmeralda will come down from The pages of Victor Hugo`s novel in order to dance in front of the cathedral.

In the evening I went to the bridge of Alma to The famous river trams. These are big ships on which you can make an unforgettable trip along the Seine. It is great to go there at night, when the city shining with thousands of lights, reflects in the water. The trip ends at The Eiffel Tower.

Paris is the city of thousand faces which captivates by not only its poetry embodied in stone, but also by the rapid life of its citizens. Here you can find everything from shopping to gastronomic tourism. Paris is the capital of fashion. Like any girl I love shopping! I couldn’t miss a chance to buy something for myself and my friends. In summer, there are a lot of discounts here and it is worth visiting.

I believe that in order to learn the country you not only to consider it but also to taste it. Here you will find all French cuisine: snails, frog legs, and oysters. Numerous restaurants cordially open their doors to visitors.”

The only bad thing that I could tell you is that we could not meet the Louver because it was closed when we went there. I was very upset because it was one of my dreams.

The conclusion should not copy your introduction. In the last paragraph, your task is to explain the purpose of your message and describe why did you choose this very moment.


Once, when I was little, I heard Edith Piaf’s song on The radio. The beauty of The French language fascinated me so much that I fell in love with France. The trip to Paris was unforgettable for me and it left an indelible imprint in my soul. Paris is a magical city but be careful – you can leave your heart there just like me.”

And here are some more tips to write a good essay:

  1. Focus on your feeling and thoughts. Think about how you felt while doing those things and what you thought at that time. This will make your composition no meaningful.
  2. Choose and use descriptive adjectives. Avoid simple words like “good” or “nice”. Change them by “perfect” or “marvelous ” etc.
  3. Re-read and revise your essay carefully. After you will finish, put it away for some time, and then read it through and think over about mistakes and excess and unsuitable words. You also can add something that has been forgotten.