How To Write An Essay On “How To Save The Ocean”

August 2, 2018

How To Save The Ocean

As the modernized world become as more we need to think about the ecology. Why? Because technologies are the factories, overfishing, climate changing, pollution and chemicals around us.

How to save the ocean and why do we have to do it?

On Earth is a huge amount of water. Photos from space prove this fact, and they show the affection of ocean by people: oil and plastic islands.

Contaminated water causes many diseases. As a result, populations of flora and fauna are decreased. All this leads to global changes in the ecosystems of all water areas. Now all oceans are sufficiently polluted.

Topic actuality

When you think about writing your own essay you should look out for a really hot topic. The theme that is Googling and interesting for everyone. The actuality of the topic is the same thing as the demand for the product. You should analyze the popularity of the themes before starting writing the essay. E.g., the themes about ecology and saving the nature are trends now all over the world.

How to start an essay on this topic

Your essay should evoke emotions and unpredictable reactions because reading with feeling something will force the reader to learn the information. We live in the world full of emotional manipulations and now it is harder to make the reader pay attention to a very important topic. The beginning of the essay should “yell” the reader about the importance of this theme.

You can write about researches — how people are killing the nature, how the change of climate influences the marine ecosystems or warn the reader about future problems:

  • global warming
  • losing different species on Earth that hasn’t even been discovered still
  • increasing of our carbon dioxide
  • deprivation of the clean rains
  • growing up the number of the hurricanes and typhoons
  • disappearing of fishing — people will lose food and job
  • disappearing of tourism in some countries
  • decreasing of abilities to get clean water (by removing salt from saltwater for drinking water in poor countries) etc.

Introduction example

We love going out, swimming in the sea or in the ocean, we love eating fish and seafood, but do we care about the nature that gives it to us? For eating good food, breathing fresh air and living in pure nature we should take care of our garbage. For swimming in the ocean with clear water, we should think more global. We need to know that we are responsible for something bigger than only our lives. We need a better future for those we care about. To survive and prosper, we need clean oceans.

The ocean is the largest ecosystem on Earth. Oceans generate half of the oxygen we breathe, and they contain more than 97% of the world’s water. As much as a sixth of the animal protein contained in the oceans.

If something is not done soon to fix the mess that humanity has made, then it will be too late to save some irreplaceable species that make lives easier. Marine life conservation is a method that is working to save some of those petals but not every problem form list of all the mistakes of humanity.

How to write a body of an essay on this topic

In this part, you should tell more about this problem by making basic structure: main idea, details, and examples that reveal the topic.

After showing the problem to the reader, you have to explain how to solve them.

The main part should disclose each of the arguments using examples and illustrations. Information should be divided logically into paragraphs. You need to organize the structure and be clear that the main part logically leads to the conclusion.

Body paragraphs example

Life on our planet would be impossible without the oceans. They are sources of food and water and provide people with work. But humanity is inhumane to the oceans. We pollute them, we exhaust and destroy this invaluable resource. Now 40% of the oceans have been recognized to be largely affected by human activities. We know that we must act now, but what can each of us do to save the oceans?

We, people, have the opportunity to confront such threats. Even if you do not live near the sea, you can help. Here are a few recommendations that help preserve precious ocean resources:

Follow the recommendations to ensure sustainability when you buy fish for consumption: you will help get out of business illegal fishing enterprises.

Refuse using the plastic bags, go shopping with reusable bags.

Use public transport to reduce environmental pollution by car emissions.

Save water and energy.

Dispose of the plastics and other products.

Help non-governmental organizations involved in the preservation of the marine environment and sustainability by voluntarily donating their time or money.

Learn how you can help protect the oceans by getting more information.

How to conclude an essay on this topic

The conclusion brings closure to the reader, summing up your points or providing a final perspective on your topic.

Effective conclusions open with a concluding transition (e.g., “in conclusion”) and an allusion to the “hook” used in the introductory paragraph. After that, you should immediately provide a restatement of your thesis statement.

The conclusion must sum up the ideas that were expressed. It is necessary to give an answer to the question formulated in the topic of the essay. Or indicate the prospects or consequences of the problem under consideration.

Also, in this section, you can formulate related topics worthy of further reflection and express personal views — if they are supported by the arguments that you cited earlier.

The conclusion should be a thoughtful completion of the work, e.g., applying the written to the real situation.

This is a short list of the main ideas. It is worth turning to the introduction and drawing parallels with the help of the same keywords or images, but using a different formulation. Do not repeat word for word.

The most important thing in this essay is the forecast of the results or consequences, a possible solution, a call to action.

Conclusion example

The consequences are terrifying, which may appear after the careless attitude of mankind to the Ocean.

Destruction of plankton, fish and other inhabitants of ocean waters is far from all. The damage can be much greater. The World Ocean has planetary functions: it is a powerful regulator of the Earth’s moisture circulation and the thermal regime, as well as the circulation of its atmosphere. Pollution can cause very significant changes in all these characteristics, vital for climate and weather regime on the whole planet. The symptoms of such changes are already observed today. There are devastating hurricanes, the strongest frosts come even to the tropics, where their offspring never happened.

It is impossible to estimate the dependence of such damage on the degree of pollution.

The protection of the ocean is one of the global problems of humanity. The dead ocean is a dead planet and the dead humanity.

Help save the ocean! Make informed decisions every day. Your personal behavior will change the situation.