How To Write An Essay On “Healthy Food In School”

August 22, 2018

Healthy Food In School

The greatest wealth is health, and to support it, children need healthy nutrition. It’s very important for successful functioning of children’s body and brain. For the efficient work of the organism, it’s required a lot of vitamins and minerals. That’s why schoolchildren’s ration should include all the useful components to provide a child with a great reservoir of energy, force, and health.

Writing the essay on “Healthy food in school”, you should describe a level of importance of the healthy nutrition for children and teenagers, which products food in school should include, how many times a schoolchild should eat for productive studying, etc. Also, you should name the reasons why children need to eat healthy food. You can provide a reader with examples of the healthy meal menus.

Writing an introduction, you can emphasize the actuality of this topic. You should explain a reader, why they should read this essay to the end, why it’s precious and interesting. Also, the main task of any introduction is to hook the reader’s attention. You can use for this a joke, quotation, aphorism, proverb, statistics or other literary techniques to grab the reader’s attention.

Introduction example:

Eating healthy is an important life lesson. A meal at school lunchtime room should be ideal because this is an example of the healthy food for a schoolchild. Eating a healthy meal at school, they study to organize their nutrition in the right way. Everyone can view how children studying at school how much harmful smoking is for the health of people, go home and tell the parents which harm cigarettes bring to the health. The same thing is with the healthy meal.

How to write a body of the essay on this topic?

When it comes to the body of this essay, you should describe the influence of the healthy food on the human’s organism, all the benefits of this meal and provide the reader of bright examples of such kind of food. Also, you can write about the bad influence of the harmful food on the organism and the aftermath of the obesity, provide a reader with statistics or facts from real life illustrating this awful problem of the American people.

Body Paragraphs example:

Sixty-eight percent of adults in the U. S. are overweight. If adults can’t make a right choice of the food than how can children make a right choice? A school is a place where children should view a good example. Teachers should help students develop good habits.

The problem of the obesity

Obesity is a growing problem in America. It causes an abundance of medical problems and illnesses including diabetes, strokes, cancers, strokes, and many other health problems. The problem of obesity can be solved at school. Food consisting of a huge amount of fats and sugars should be replaced for the healthy meal rich in useful components.

And this problem starts with eating at school. Teachers propagandize healthy nutrition, but in the dining room, the school doesn’t provide pupils with enough amount of healthy products. This is a big problem for students and their parents, especially for families, which parents propagandize healthy living.

Food corporations

Food corporations provide a huge amount of food for schools. This food includes more sodium, fats, and sugars than local food. It’s very unhealthy because a huge amount of sugar can cause diabetes and other problems with health. Children can’t choose healthy food because they don’t have enough options for harmless food at home and at school.

This situation is named a food desert. This means that there are not enough grocery stores providing people with fresh food, vegetables, and fruit that may not be available in that area. For instance, in Hartford Country, 18, 8 percent of children are in the food desert. One in every five children is below 18 years old. In Hartford schools, around 18 thousand children take part in the free and reduced lunch program. Food corporations don’t care about the health of the students. They care only about the money they can earn by selling these products to schools.

Eating at school lunchtime room

While five components of the meal are offered in the dining room, children should eat only three of them. The first and the most important component is vegetables and fruit, but very often at the school dining room, 100-percent juice is served instead of this component. The second component is meat or its alternative. But very often at school, it’s replaced with bagels with cream cheese, bagels with melted American cheese, cheese sandwiches, chicken nuggets or even pizza. Children choose all this tasty but harmful meal instead of useful meat.

Benefits of the harmless nutrition

The main benefit of the healthy nutrition is not just about avoiding heart disease, diabetes, and cancer in the future when the child will grow up. The first useful influence is the healthy organism now. Healthy meal enables schoolchildren to focus their life resources on reaching the best studying results and increases the potential to support a healthy immune system.

Which components should the healthy meal for children include?

One of the most important components of the healthy food for children is protein. Proteins take part in the most important for life processes including growth, brain development, and providing bones with useful components. Proteins are built from blocks like amino acids. Schoolchildren have to get 9 amino acids.

The most useful proteins are animal proteins. They are in products including meat, eggs, fish, yogurt, and cheese. Plant proteins including beans and pulses are incomplete proteins. Children should get them in the complex of other food to reach the necessary effect of amino acids. Twice a week a child needs to eat fish including salmon, trout, or mackerel.

Fruits and vegetables as it was mentioned are very important products for students. Every day, every student needs to eat different types of fruit and vegetables with different vitamins necessary for children to develop, do sport, and study.

How to write a conclusion of this essay?

To write a successful conclusion of the essay, you should mention the most important problems with nutrition students meet in the school, also name the benefits of the healthy meal and list the most useful components school food should consist of.

Conclusion example:

There are a lot of serious problems existing in the public school. One of the most important problems is unhealthy nutrition and the absence of the useful meal at the lunchtime room. Food corporations supply schools with harmful products. They don’t care about the health of the students but think only about earning more money.

That’s why very often at the American public schools, we can see students with bugles with cheese cream, bagels with melted American cheese, cheese sandwiches, fat nuggets or even pizza.

The most important components that children’s organism should get are amino acids that are in the animal proteins including fish, meat, cheese, eggs, milk, and other milk products. The second very important component of healthy nutrition is vegetables and fruit.

A school is a place where children study not only to do difficult sums or write essays, this is the place where children study to lead a healthy life.