How To Write An Essay On “Disadvantages Of War”

August 16, 2018

Disadvantages Of War

From the ancient times, people yield to the innate instincts like rivalry within one species. With the growth of the population, their manifestations in the war form became more regular and destructive. Even the development of culture, religion and education couldn’t stop this tragic course of events. In opposite, all newly obtained knowledge and moral principles were used as additional premises for conflicts.

Although any war affects the great number of people, for its start a misunderstanding between two individuals is sufficient. Numerous lives were ruined only because of some meaningless power games, interest and conviction differences. Neither events nor consequences of two World Wars didn’t even bring the governments to the senses, and in less than twenty years after the second one, the humankind stood at the threshold of the global nuclear warfare.

Multiple regional conflicts continue to appear around the world and last for decades. Other countries’ interventions mostly aggravate the situations due to the actual mission purpose that is rarely peace.

In the second decade of the 21st century, the humankind faces the new challenges of climate changes and the survival under these conditions depends on the focus and unity. That’s why constant reminders of the disadvantages of war for the present and especially new generations is the vital necessity. Academic writing is the appropriate way to explore, analyze and comprehend the essence of the problematic and obtain the stop-the-war attitude that strong personalities can turn into the real actions.

How to start this essay

You won’t probably find any potential readers of your paper whose families over the centuries haven’t touched military operations. Therefore, this subject won’t leave anyone apathetic. That’s why instead of the usually needed attention hook you require the content for your introduction that will fully immerse the audience in the material by giving them the facts and painting the picture of the terror that brings any armed conflict.

The primary goal of such topic discussion can be either informative or resolution searching. The chosen approach should be represented in the preamble in the brief form that will ensure the smooth transition to the statement. The writing beginning should set the appropriate toning for the whole paper basing on the essay type.

Get familiar with the fragment from the introductive section of the paper on disadvantages of war you can use as an example. To present the thesis auspiciously compose this chapter after the following ones.

During the 20th century, over 187 million people died in the military conflicts that made the industrialization age the most murderous era in the history of humankind. It’s more than a half of the current USA population. But it isn’t the total number of victims. Each war leaves numerous orphans, refugees, homeless, physically and psychology injured people the majority of which won’t recover until the rest of their lives.

The powerful force of warfares doesn’t confine itself to the destruction of the personal worlds. The demolition also reaches the local or global development and running of the scopes like economics, industry, science, diplomacy, culture, etc. The total stagnation and regress affect the society for decades to come.

How to write a body of this essay

To make an actual contribution to the investigation of the frequently discussed subject you need to conduct thorough research to discover the rare facts and come up with unique arguments. They should supplement and distinguish your statement that can be based on the framework elements presented below:


Briefly describe what factors have led to such circumstance appearance at the beginning of times. Specify how war causes and premises altered over the centuries. Underline what is the most common basis of the armed conflicts in the recent years.


Classify warfares by their peculiarities like reasons, territory, the number of participants, etc. Supply the categories with the known instances. Estimate the scale of the problems each kind leads to.


The best way to represent such an extensive material is to provide it with an appropriate structure. In the regard of this topic, you should consider the cons for all conflict sides of the three periods: before, during and after the war separately and as continuous processes in the time limits of all stages. The main scopes of war disadvantages you should investigate are:

-Social. What influence have the horrible events on the health and other living aspects of the various segments of the society?

-Economical. What impact has a war on the local and global financial system and situation?

-Political. What conditions for the country internal and foreign affairs bring military conflicts? How they affect state formation processes?

Review the excerpt from the academic paper on the negative war attributes where a writer takes into account the economic part of the disadvantage range.

Any military conflict is impossible without financial investments. Planned attacks always follow years of militarization that is supported by the state budget. It can’t be accomplished without reallocation of money indicated for the other spheres. Such operations lead to their development deceleration and can cause severe problems that decline living standards and affect the labor market.

The victim side of the warfare also goes through this process. But if the conflict is an unexpected circumstance, it should be accomplished within an extremely limited time. This fact increases the influence on economics even more despite the part of labor costs significantly reduces due to the orders of the martial laws since excessive expenses appear simultaneously not gradually.

In accordance with 2017 calculations, warfare and violence were evaluated in the amount of 14.8 trillion dollars in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP) or 12.4% of gross world product (GWP). On the occasion of the particular country, to preparation costs are added maintenance, war indemnity and restoration ones. The investing amount of each spending category depends on the conflict significance and financial politics of the state.

How to conclude this essay

The final section of the paper should resume the thesis emphasizing its key aspects. A writer can also briefly analyze the present military situation and present the potential global adverse outcomes for each living scope. If the writing purpose is a quest for recovery or conflict number minimizing resolutions, the application prospects of the mentioned in the statement suggestions should be itemized.

Read the paragraph from the last paper chapter on war disadvantages to acquire more explicit guidelines for its writing.

Since 2016 emerging the phenomenon of peace inequality – the decline of the violence level in some countries while its global readings increase. That stimulates the dynamic of setting economic differences between nations to develop but provides the conditions for the magnification of peace-building expenditures if some states advance such impartial initiatives.

Recent wars also showed the lack of efficiency of the international rights and the necessity of alterations of the UN resolution creating and implementing processes. It’s caused by the hybridization of conflict manifestations which reflects in the more frequent presence of the apparent or hidden third parties there that pursue own goals.