How To Write An Essay On “Arguments Against School Uniforms”

August 13, 2018

Arguments Against School Uniforms

There are numerous “for” and “against” when it comes to school uniforms. The school uniform rolled out to the world two centuries ago, but the arguments against it are still actual. Should pupils wear school uniform? Or school uniforms limit their ability to express their personality? To put it into a nutshell, the uniform for school is a relevant topic. Usually the society is divided into two parts: some people see only advantages and other dedicate papers to arguments against it. This essay is against school uniforms, but to present it, a student must do the research of history of uniform, to find out which counties oblige their pupils to wear uniform and why and which bad consequences this can bring. There are many websites, academic assistants and books devoted to this topic, that is why the whole research will be easy.

How to start this essay

Starting an essay on this topic you should understand that school uniform is not about state or country, there are different rules in different countries and it’s important to emphasize about it. Another thing you should pay attention to is to find out why uniform was made up. It went that way because pupils’ parents wanted everyone to be equal. Here you can provide some initial arguments against uniform. Avoid any statistics or links in your introduction. The major aim of this section is to explain the goal of your essay, to get reader acquainted with the topic and to make him keep on reading. Keep in mind that your introduction section should be at least 1 page long, but keep in mind that there is no need to exceed 2 pages. Once you are ready, take a blank pice of paper or make up a file on your computer and start writing. Here’s an intro example for you to get a greater understanding how it should look like.


School uniforms is one of the most relevant and provocative topics. From one side of a hand, it equals pupils and do not bring any reasons to be “cooler” just because of clothes. From other side of a hand, school uniforms don’t allow pupils to be who they are. As for the law of freedom, everyone is free to wear clothes he or she wants. Once the advantages of school rules are clear, this paper will be devoted to arguments against this topic. Researching numerous academic journals and studying the history of school rules, we have managed to see why there are many people who stand against this topic. To emphasize on school clothes as “by all means” measure, one has to take into attention that there are different rules in different countries. For instance, school uniform is a must in the majority of UK schools, but it is not prohibited to wear any clothes in the majority of American alma maters. Thus, such diversity shows that even there are rules about school clothes, the concept differs in various regions.

How to write a body of this essay

Writing a body of your essay may take hours and hours or even days. Be prepared to spend time working on the most important paragraph of your paper. At this stage you must be prepared with all needed data for research. If you have any statistical data, attach it to your essay. Have you already made some interviews? Take them to use in your essay. Writing this paragraph you need to understand that the more data you get, the greater and easier for you. Once you have looked through all needed academic journals, videos and books, you can start writing from the scratch. We recommend to make a draft in order to ease the whole process of writing. Keep in mind that this is your one and only possibility to show all arguments agains the topic and since you have your own position, you must provide enough arguments and facts. Do not forget to proofread and edit this paragraph once it has been completed. If you think you’re out of additional facts, you can leave this paragraph and provide them later, once you are done with the whole essay.


As for Johnson (2013), more than 87% of schools in the United Kingdom make their pupils obliged to wear uniform. There are numerous arguments against this concept – in 2012 Johnson has interviewed more than 500 pupils and the majority of them claimed that uni form is not comfortable, plus they want to wear something different and brighter.

As you saw above, using statical information is very important since you want to show real arguments agains school uniform. Your own view must be backed up with statistics, interviews, surveys and on. Citing must be provided in the required format — MLA, APA, Harvard or other, thus do not forget to proofread the paper once you are done with this paragraph. Make your body paragraph has at least 3 sections and show each arguments separately, one by one. Such structure will help you to persuade your readers and explain why you are against uniforms.

How to conclude this essay

Conclusion is something that will remain in your readers’ mind for a long time, that is why you have to pay maximum attention to it. Are you done with your essay? Take your time and wait for a few days. It will help you to summarize all facts and outcomes of your research. It will also encourage you for new ideas in your conclusion. Conclusion is a small version of your essay. What if a reader has only 10 minutes to read your essay and it would be conclusion section. This paragraph should show in brief why there are people who are against uniforms in schools, which countries back up this concept and should we follow this idea or not. Take a piece of paper and write down all ideas and insights you had during writing your essay. It will help you to conclude your paper and make even more captivating conclusion. Now lets take a look on how to write a conclusion, we have prepared for you a conclusion example.


To summarize, this topic is very relevant both for the North American pupils as well as for EU pupils. Since there are different views on it, every pupil is free to choose alma mater which backs up or stand agains this concept. To emphasize on arguments against it, pupils cannot express themselves to the maximum, they are obliged to wear the save clothes day by day, sometimes the clothes is not even comfortable. The question remains relevant and the only clear decision here is that each country has to provide enough alma maters for pupils whose parents back up this ideas and those parents who are against this idea. Such diversity and the ability to choose is probably the best idea to give the freedom pupils look when they tend to choose different clothes.