How To Write An Essay About “Traveling By Car”

August 9, 2018

Traveling By Car

Traveling is one the most pleasant pastimes for people. There are many ways to travel: by car, by plane, by train, by sea, on foot etc. But usage of a car gains popularity almost every day. Choosing such a mean of transportation you receive a lot of advantages for a marvelous weekend!

How to write such type of essay? To begin with, you should remember that any type of composition includes an introduction, main body, and conclusion. In the first paragraph, your task is to serve two important purposes. You should interest a person in the topic and encourage him to read it and understand what are you talking about. Here you should use a thesis statement which will be a hook for a reader to see what are you going to say in your essay. Use the element of surprise. Here you can introduce a statistic to teach the audience something that they have not already known. Or ask a thought-provoking question to make a person read it further. To help you, here is an example of an introductory part.

Are you planning a holiday and cannot decide what mean of transport to choose? A lot depends on your individual preferences. But we can say that today the car is the most convenient and preferable type of transportation. After a deep research by interviewing several people, we made such a conclusion that 78% of the trips people make by car either as a driver or passenger. Why does it take the highest place? We will give an answer.

You can see an element of statistics and a provoking question which encourages to read the next part.

Keep your introduction short and simple. It should be nearly 5-6 percent of the whole length of your essay.

The next task is to find a short transitional sentence to flow fluently to the main part to smooth it out. It can be a general idea of the whole text. The body is very important here. You should present the main points and support them with facts and textual pieces of evidence. You can give the reasons why people choose this very type of traveling and give all the advantages. Make a short statement in the beginning. Then, in the next sentences, explain your idea. In the following paragraphs, compare the car with other means of transport. At the end of the main body, you can give some disadvantages but confirm them by proofs and arguments.


To confirm the results of our analysis, we made a list and now will tell all the advantages named by interviewed people.


If you have your vehicle and move for a long distance with your family, traveling by car is much cheaper than to buy a train or a bus ticket for each member.


There is no need to hurry up. You can stop wherever you want and have a rest as long as you want. Cars are always available and can slip through such places, where a bus or a train could never reach. You can enjoy the freedom of the road journey, see the small villages and landscapes and make marvelous photos in wonderful places!


It is easy to take all necessary things with you — a small refrigerator, an oven, a tent, a little table, and camp chairs. In this way, you will always have a chance to have a rest, eat and sleep!

No money for accommodation

To save money, enjoy the nature and relax after a long trip you can put a tent at the bank of the river and sleep for a night. Then, in the morning, continue the journey!


There is no need to worry about the behavior of your kids towards other passengers. Many parents prefer traveling at night when their children fall asleep, to concentrate on the road.


It is not easy to transport cats, dogs, and other pets by public transport. Here you have no limits at all.

There is an important rule of writing pros and cons — we usually start with the issues that are in a bigger amount. For example, in our essay, we have more advantages, and they are at the beginning.


Traveling by car is very convenient but it has some disadvantages.


When a driver is short of time and needs to move quickly from one place to another without any stops, in any way, he will be tired. In such cases, it is really dangerous for a driver and passengers as there is a risk of a car accident,

Traffic jams

While moving through big cities there is a possibility to get into a jam. As the result — wasting of time and petrol.

Bad weather

You should plan and be prepared for your journey to avoid unpredictable weather. It is really dangerous to drive during the storm, shower and heavy snow. If you chose a car as a mean of transport, do not forget such easy rules:

– Have first aid kit with you.

– Have good traffic knowledge.

– Get your driving license, passport, visa etc.

– Consider where a car can go.

– Plan your accommodation.

A conclusion is the last chance to make an impression on your reader. You have no need to introduce new information but you shouldn’t repeat everything you have already said. To make it more vivid do not use such words as “in conclusion” or “to conclude”. Replace them by using a phrase: “Our research/The evidence above shows that.” Summarize the strongest points of your essay and leave the reader with the lasting impression!


Traveling by car has pluses and minuses. But everyone knows that road trips are mostly memorable and more enjoyable. You get a new experience. Experience to live in the moments, cherish the journey more than the destination. Someone has rightly said that the road has got the answer for everything. So travel, learn and enjoy!