How to Write an Essay about the Perfect Friend

July 25, 2018

How to Write an Essay about the Perfect Friend

Topic Actuality

A friendship essay can fall under various categories such as descriptive, narrative, argumentative, definition as well as compare and contrast. In a descriptive friendship essay, the writer focuses on the friend. The writer explains all attributes of the friend in detail. The required information entails the friend’s physical appearance, character and all other things that made the individual become your friend.

A narrative essay about a perfect friend, on the other hand, discusses the writer and not the subject. While writing, the tone takes an individualistic perspective whereby you write about the impact of the friendship on you and the benefits you derive from the friendship as well as how it makes you feel.

In the definition perspective, the writer writes about the concept of friendship. He or she explains why their relationship with the said person is deemed as a friendship.

Argumentative writing about a friend gives views about someone’s perspective on friendship and what the idea of friends means to them. Here the writer must explain how they became friends with a particular person and all factors that affected the relationship as well as any challenges they underwent. As a writer, you can also bring up the phenomenon of online friendship and argue whether it is true friendship or simply an illusion.

Finally, a compare and contrast friendship essay compares an individual’s friend to another person. For example, one can compare their friend to a childhood friend, a parent’s friend, an adversary or another friendship. The essay writer has to compare several facts and demonstrate accordingly.

Example of Outline

An outline is a brief description of the main points or facts you want to write about. Usually, it does not involve detailed explanations. Below is an example of an outline.


Here the writer introduces the topic and briefly talks about the concept of friendship.

Thesis Statement

Here the writer states the actual friend and why he or she wants to write about the friend.


The body comprises different paragraphs. Each paragraph will discuss a specific quality of the friend or various events that enhanced the bond of friendship.


At the culmination of the essay, the writer explains why they find the attributes of their friend attractive and the impact they have on his life. It is also suitable to conclude with a punchline, quote or proverb.

How to Start an Essay on this Topic

To make the essay more credible, you can first describe the meaning of friendship. Here you will give one or more definitions of your understanding about friendship. This step occurs within the first two to three sentences. The next task is to write down your thesis statement. This will inform the reader of the essence of writing the entire essay. In the thesis, you will define who the friend is and give a brief overview of your friendship. After that, you can proceed to the body of the essay whereby you provide an in-depth explanation of your friend and what makes your friendship strong.

Example of an Introduction to a Friendship Essay

Having good friends is an important factor in determining our physical, emotional and psychological health. Research has shown that positive friendships lead towards happier and healthier lives. In fact, some people even prefer a good friend than a relationship with a spouse. Humans are social creatures, and people can only thrive when they interact with one another and develop each other.

This essay is, therefore, a discussion about my best friend, Joe. In it, I will give a brief description of his appearance and general personality. After that, I will explain all the details about him that make us have such an amazing friendship.

How to Write Body Paragraphs on this Topic

The first step would be to introduce the reader to your friend. You must ensure that you give a detailed description of the individual so that whoever reads can try to create a visual image of your friend. Such information can include physical attributes as well as behaviors and mannerisms.

Examples of Body Paragraph

Joe is a young gentleman 23 years of age currently undertaking his engineer’s degree program. He is a tall man with a well-built, athletic body. His face has a developing mustache and has a wide jaw with angular edges. His eyes are slightly blue and his hair dark in color. We began our friendship back in high school when we were still teenagers and what attracted me the most to him was his sense of humor, kind personality, and industriousness.

How to Conclude an Essay on this Topic

In the conclusion of such an essay, the writer needs to sum up all the points and ideas mentioned in the body. What more, a writer can add extra views and opinions on why they have a great friendship with the said individual. Suggesting special events that bolstered the friendship is also a good way to conclude. However, as a writer, you should not give too many explanations on these special occasions. A short mention is relatively adequate. Finally, you can end with a parting shot or a quote.

Example of Conclusion

Indeed, friendship is a core aspect of human existence. Without a friend, many challenges and circumstances can overwhelm an individual. It is friends who give us a shoulder to lean on during hard times and also make the good times memorable as we share our victories. Through interactions with our friends, we also develop a team spirit that encourages us to soldier on in the battlefield of life. I can go on and on about how great a friendship we share with my friend Joe. We have always been there for each other throughout the difficult times and enjoyed the good times together. I will, therefore, end with an Irish proverb that states “a good friend is like a four-leaf clover; hard to find and lucky to have.”