How To Write A Summary Essay

July 3, 2018

Summary Essay Writing Guide

Are you any good at evaluating things and clarifying the reasoning behind complex problems to the wider audience? The educational system doesn’t care how good you are at this at the moment, but they are genuinely interested in your growth as a student. That’s why they are giving you a chance to get better at reformatting the information for colleagues, for you to get used to taking in big chunks of data and filtering the author’s flow through your “strainer”. Remember that this is not an article analysis!

In order to complete a summary essay and receive a good grade plus a pat on the back from the teacher, you need to learn how to highlight the main points of someone else’s work. You should learn how to display the main idea of the script and how to drain the fluids from the well of words. Save your critical thinking and creativity for other essays, this one wants you to be a cold-blooded machine that separates the peel from the proverbial potato. The meat and potatoes are the dishes we are serving in this paper, no need for salads or aperitifs.

Primary Purposes of a Summary Essay Writing

The most frequent and logical question we ask when we get such a homework is about the aim of the task. The main goal of this essay is not to share your thoughts on any matter or develop your own understanding of the subject, but to help others digest and absorb information from other sources in the most efficient manner. Your duty here is to encapsulate a meaning of the text you have read before getting your hands on the keyboard. You have to cater the information for readers in a coherent way and save their time by presenting the material in brief and comprehensible manner. It doesn’t sound too bad, and it is not that hard to chew the food for thought for others.

Needless to say that arranging this type of essay is the toughest challenge, as you need to cut off up to forty percent of the original text weight and underline the main ideas of the writer, abstaining from the personal point of view. Professors will give you those essays to make sure that you fathom the meaning of the literature items as it’s very easy to see when a student is lost in his mind. Just ask them to repeat what they have just read! Summary essay also acts as a litmus test for your brain and you can write it only after getting familiar with the project you are given to summarize. Spend your time to save it for others – that’s the whole purpose. You read books to paint a picture for others, you are composing a verbal movie!

Possible Topics for a Summary Essay

Picking an interesting theme for your essay is not an easy task and you are actually lucky if you get a specific material to study and recreate on paper. The tutor might give you a heavy brochure in return, but at least you don’t have to scratch your head coming up with an idea for a topic. For your comfort, we’ll provide you with a list of recommended publications that are ready for your revision. More often than not the literature body you are given to examine will fit for this type of writing, as you only need to recap the events for the guy-next-door who didn’t read your book.

Think of it as answering the question “what did I miss?” to a person who skipped the class but wants to find out if anything interesting occurred. No need to get into detail about who got a good grade a who got a bad one, keep it simple. Now onto the potential candidates who will all be great choices for a synopsis in works! We are positive that you have read some of the works mentioned below already, but in this top twenty list of greatest books ever you could find what you need.

  1. The Great Gatsby
  2. Romeo and Juliet
  3. War and Peace
  4. Anna Karenina
  5. Don Quixote
  6. Moby Dick
  7. Homer’s Odyssey
  8. The Divine Comedy
  9. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
  10. Crime and Punishment
  11. The Trial
  12. To Kill a Mockingbird
  13. Antigone
  14. Faust
  15. The Lord of the Rings
  16. Dead Souls
  17. Robinson Crusoe
  18. Fathers and Sons
  19. Lost Illusions
  20. Troy

How to Write Introduction for a Summary Essay

Your essay should be as eloquent as humanly possible, and introduction is just a tool to hook up the reader and showcase him a thesis you will expand upon in the latter stages of the paper. Keep it short and sweet. Try to hit the reader with only one sentence that can sum up the entire book or a movie and give the interested part an understanding of what will be coming next, in the body paragraphs. You should also give your public essential details about the creator of the source. Keep your focus on the core and restricting yourself from offering your own take on things.

Paolo Freire argues that modern education treats knowledge as though it can be deposited in the bank.

How to Write a Thesis for a Summary Essay

The thesis goes hand in hand with your intro and becomes a vital element of the summary in essence. Thesis despite all his importance is not your focal point, because that role already belongs to the source. This part is responsible for announcing the topic of the summary and giving you a piece to build your work around. Thesis part can be quoted from the book, so being familiar with the material before writing a paper is advised.

He describes his approach to learning as the “banking concept of education”.

How to Write Body Paragraphs for a Summary Essay

Although summaries are compressed by their nature, this part delivers all the main pitches that you need to get across to your readers. Sticking to the objective and nurturing the thesis would be your primary goals here, as you can’t do that when it’s all said and done. We agree that all the details matter and the picture of the events is suffering because of wordy limitations, but it’s the key of the assignment to run through something stacked and turn it into a little pearl.

The facts should be handled in little bits, treat the writing process like you are feeding a child that has only a couple of teeth. Explaining the tidbits and turning the reader’s eyeballs to the essentials is what you are here for. Demonstrate your familiarity with the subjects and rely on your own words. Don’t waste time and words to depict the setting, here’s an example of how you can capture the spirit of the tome!

In this system the teacher is all-knowing and the students are ignorant, thus the teacher narrates while the students listen. As an alternative to the banking concept of education, Freire proposes “problem-solving education”.

How To Write a Conclusion for a Summary Essay

By and large, the conclusion is virtually unnecessary for this kind of essay. If you are doing everything correctly then you drove the points across and delivered the main message. If your teachers insist that you put anything in the last section, then you can simply answer the thesis and round up all the rough edges the audience could get while going through your own perspective of things.

Formulate the text in plain English and spot the segments of the essay that you could trim a bit. Focus on a particular topic and spit out plain facts, those can’t be denied, and the chances of students getting the wrong idea are minimized. Don’t criticize anything and stay neutral, as you are asked to be a supporting link between the source and the classroom.

This new form of education allows men and women to regard themselves as “conscious beings” who are aware of themselves and of the world in which they live.

A powerful sentence punch will stay in reader’s memory for longer. Less is more even here, pick the words that will lay down the law and underline the morale of the story! Best of luck to you.