How To Write A Research Paper On “How To Overcome Smartphone Addiction”

August 7, 2018

How To Overcome Smartphone Addiction

Twenty years ago typical pictures of the reality were: talking people in cafes, adults reading paper books in the subway, children playing football outside, etc. Who would’ve thought that a device that could fit in the pocket would make all of them almost similar?

Smartphone addiction isn’t a phenomenon anymore. It’s an established disease which propagation can’t stop even financial crises and other unfortunate circumstances. Its premises and actual development aren’t always apparent. It allows this illness reaching a critical phase without any resistance.

Young adults are the most vulnerable social group in this regard. The fundamental problem precautions are calmness and self-discipline that people in the personality formation stage don’t usually have at their disposal. But as on any other occasion awareness and acknowledgment are the first steps to the treatment.

That’s why you should take a serious approach to the paper on this subject. This way you’ll be able to diagnose yourself and if necessary write the appropriate prescription as well as inform the others about the danger. And with the following writing guide, you can accomplish that work efficiently and assure for it an A-grade quality.

How to start a research paper on this topic

A preamble to academic writing should lay the groundwork for the onwards presenting thesis. It should specify the topic, briefly determine its origins, declare the examination angle and grab the readers’ attention. When you deal with this kind of subject, which mentioning isn’t enough for defining it as a severe issue you should provide facts that allow it obtaining that status. It can be statistical readings, particular happenings, etc.

Review the short introduction example for the research paper on smartphone addiction to get inspiration and come up with your own.

Any new age events like wars, social changes, technological progress, etc. bring new addictions. Radical and not always pleasant alterations of the normal environment make people look for the remedies that will help them to run off from the reality where they can’t find their place anymore.

The breakthrough in the personal device engineering gave the society updated facilities to develop a new kind of unhealthy dependency. Unlike other ones, its harm wasn’t as evident. Portable gadgets like smartphones initially appeared only as a convenient multifunctional mean that will extend location boundaries for the certain tasks. But over the years not only their application turned into a drug, but its addiction risk group expanded to more than two billion people.

How to write a body of the research paper on this topic

As it’s established in the task appellation, the primary paper goal is the discovery of applicable resolutions for the objective. To come up with the ones that can be taken into account as an actual contribution, it’s important initially to examine the successive aspects:

Problem origins. What smartphone features and psychological issues in combination create an appropriate environment for the dependency occurrence? What premises can quicken the process?

Addiction signs. What are and how to recognize the symptoms of the abnormal user-gadget relation?

Illness development. What is the struggle accompanied by? What variations does it have?

Possible consequences. What can the disease lead to depending on it seriousness?

To present the topic favorably and consistently you should initially compose a detailed outline basing on the examination. If the assignment framework allows, you can conduct field research, for instance, of the particular treatment method and reflect its outcomes in your academic writing.

To deliver the material clearly, it’s important to maintain the logical thread and the consistency of the narration. The statements of the solutions shouldn’t be brief and unsupported.

Each of them should have:

• base;

• addressing issue origins;

• detailed application description;

• treatment schedule and period;

• experimental results;

• possible difficulties;

• desired progress.

Get familiar with the excerpt from the main body of the academic paper on remedies against smartphone addiction to get an insight into this section writing.

The wide range of device possibilities is the main circumstance that is responsible for the appearance of the problem. The most significantly contributed to the issue deterioration the implementation of the world trends in the virtual space. The other modern obsession that concerns social networks worked as a catalyst for this one once the mobile editions of these services came up.

Powered by the distribution strategies smartphones became a way to present your actual or alternative personality, to place yourself on the world map. This product positioning speaks the most to the new generations due to their infantilism and insecurity. Considering that they complete the major device buyer group, the problem spreads among this social segment extremely quickly.

When the individual notices some of the enumerated symptoms he or she should primarily detect the reasons that make the one reaching for the gadget over and over. When the desire occurs, the proband should try to resist and simultaneously to examine the feelings the one experience during the struggle. If it’s just boredom, it can be cured with some efforts suitable for the patient under regular conditions.

If the appearing senses are overwhelming and include anxiety, fear, anger, etc. the sufferer should appeal to the professional psychologist on short notice. Since the sources of these feelings usually lie far deeper than the reaction to limitations of regular actions and can cause depressions, mental disorders, etc. the treatment by the specialist should substitute the distraction in the form of a smartphone.

How to conclude the research paper on this topic

The final chapter should summarize the presented therapeutic remedies and explore the perspectives of each of them and the problem overall by analyzing the rising tendencies of the gadget application and addiction propagation. Considering the data, a writer can generate a forecast of the situation effect on various scopes of the living.

Since two of such paper goals are informative and alerting, the conclusions as well as the whole paper delivery manner should have the emotional and in particular persuasive toning.

Read the fragment of this section from the research paper where therapy possibilities for smartphone addiction are investigated.

Average smartphone users check their devices 47 times a day. It implies that the significant percentage of this quantity is causeless movements. Additionally, they match the time of the living activities like work, studying, driving, walking, sleep, etc. This distractive procedure not just lowers the efficiency of the currently performing actions but also jeopardize the success of their result, executors’ health and their and others life.

The lack of concentration syndrome will also have the global harmful effect on the society and its growth. It’ll decline the quality of the acquiring education and the motivation for the thorough learning overall. The most it’ll affect the major fields that require highly focused professionals like medicine, economics, etc.

How to overcome smartphone addiction is an actual burning question that despite its relatively short history has reached the phase when its resolution can’t be postponed anymore. Otherwise, it’ll change the attitude of the society irreversibly and in combination with other device obsessions induce the regression of the humankind development.