How To Write A Critical Analysis Essay

July 10, 2018

How to Make a Critical Analysis Essay

There is not so many ways to show your awareness in any field for a short period with maximal pithiness. Among the different types of essays one corresponds to these requirements — that’s critical essay. Such essays are also called analytical because of a few elements: comparison, personal assessment, expansive view of a problem. What is its ultimate goal? In critical analysis essay you have to take into account all the aspects of your topic and make a final judgment about it. The key thing here is the choice of theme. The theme will determine to which details you should pay attention and how structure them into a whole.

Critical essay has a lot in common with a review. That’s why its basic fields of discussion are literature and movies. Here comes a question – how to choose a topic for writing and develop it? If the topic is not given, you should concentrate on any book/article/movie which you find interesting. And after that, choose an aspect which will be exposed to criticism. It can be historic, where you consider author’s outlook in the context of his epoch. Also, you may take psychoanalytic position and analyze the motivation of the main characters. If you are interested in issues of racial, gender or social inequality, you may consider how actual and objective they are in a chosen work.

Here are possible topics for critical analysis essay:

  1. Good and Evil in Shakespeare poems
  2. Perspective of electric cars usage
  3. Romany question in the European countries
  4. Representation of woman in American cinematography of the twentieth century
  5. Jane Austen’s novels as a narrative of social inequality
  6. Propaganda in the cartoons
  7. Use of cheap laborers in worldwide famous brands
  8. Influence of the Second World War on fashion
  9. “Sit-in” action – examples in international practice
  10. Free will in the philosophy of John Searle
  11. The analysis of Julien Sorel’s actions in “The Red and the Black” by Stendhal
  12. Impact of Sigmund Freud on Carl Jung’s philosophy ( on the ” Psychology of the Unconscious” basis)
  13. Petroleum production in the 21-st century – who will rule the world?
  14. Mythology aspects in the contemporary creative works
  15. Cryptocurrency as an alternative for real money
  16. Political connotations in football championships
  17. Interdependence of social networks algorithms and personal security
  18. The role of metaphors in “Ulysses” by Giacomo Joyce
  19. Floral symbols in the art of Renaissance
  20. Infringement of the women rights in labor agreements (worldwide experience)

The structure of critical analysis essay is basic:

  • introduction,
  • thesis,
  • body paragraphs
  • and conclusion.

Let’s find out how to write a successful paper on the example of “Mythological plots in “Avengers: Infinity War””.

Introduction should give a preliminary look on the problem and interest a reader. It directly leads to a thesis, therefore introduction has to gradually narrow to express your opinion.


Mythology has survived through many years of transformation – now we can see its embodiment in different forms. Cinematography, literature, even politics use unconscious models which influence our minds. This way we experience compassion, sympathy or disgust to any characters. Superhero films aren’t an exception, they are based on mythological types in modern interpretation. “Avengers: Infinity War” has one of the most diverse superhero cast and this makes it interesting for examination.

Thesis statement expresses your opinion on the topic and determines the direction of future discussion. It must include hints of body paragraphs, so make a fundamental research before writing. Shortness and brevity of the thesis show thoroughness of discussion and significantly facilitate the work.


In “Avengers: War of Infinity” can be found archetypes of trickster, anima and animus.

Body paragraphs contain substantive information and must reflect recent analysis. To write the most relevant information, make useful notes during your research and sort them by columns. Each body paragraph should correspond to the main theme and clarify one of the aspects mentioned in the thesis statement. Example:

The archetype of trickster in comics is very common and in “War of infinity” is represented by two characters. It is Loki, son of Odin, and Spider-Man. To be considered as belonging to the trickster, a character needs to be sly, coward and ambivalent. It is difficult to decipher the intentions of trickster and catch him. Loki is a trickster because of his fickle nature. He can show a grandeur, but pursues his goals using different ploys. It is hard to define whether Loki is good or bad character – it is one more trait of a trickster. With Spider-Man everything is more obvious, he is definitely positive hero. His double life (high-school student and superhero) refers him and Loki to the same archetype. “Trickster” is still actual and finds a new life in comics characters.

Anima is female archetype and is rather diverse in comics culture. The brightest representatives of this mythological pattern are Black Widow and Scarlet Witch. Skills of Black Widow, such as agility, endurance and knowledge of martial arts make her similar to “amazon” archetype. Black Widow has a human origin possessing extraordinary abilities — one more trait of amazon. Scarlet Witch is an exact match with “witch” archetype. Her behavior is bipolar and unpredictable, the witch can enter minds of others, sense their moods. Scarlet Witch might be egocentric and easily reveal the truth. Despite the low number of female characters in the “Avengers: War of Infinity”, anima archetype is well represented in modern culture.

Animus or male essence is basic mythological pattern and is compulsory for superhero universe. Almost every male character in the “War of Infinity” represents form of animus archetype. “Warrior” archetype is strong and conscious person, who struggles for high ideals until the end. This pattern is embodied in Captain America. “Creator” archetype is successful and creative man, who introduces innovations – Tony Stark (Iron Man). Typical “guardian” guides all of his actions at saving mankind – this archetype is represented by Vision (Victor Shade). “Wizard” archetype can understand rules of the world, influence the fate and spectate it. In the “War of Infinity” it is Doctor Strange. Animus broadcasts unconscious male patterns and strengthens attention to the plot.

A final step of your critical analysis essay is conclusion. It should summarize main points of research and make a value judgment. Value judgment might show your consensus with the author or prove your attitude to the problem. Conclusion must be clear and reflect the thesis statements, however it shouldn’t be a repetition. Remember about paragraph balance – conclusion has to be within a size of other parts.


Mythology is considered to be something obsolete, but its forms are widely represented in art pieces these days. Fantastic movie “Avengers: War of Infinity” is also filled with various mythological patterns – archetypes. Male, female, bisexual forms can be found in superhero universe. It is important to discover basic structures in more complicated works to see the connection between past and present. Finding the archetypes in movies can unleash hidden information and explain why we like superhero cinematography so much.

So, here are all the most important advises to write a good essay and show your ability to make research. Consider relevance of the topic, adequate knowledge of the sphere of interest and clear chain of thoughts. This way you will definitely get a good mark.