How To Write A Book Character Essay

July 17, 2018

How to Write an Essay about a Book Character (Ron Weasley from “Harry Potter”)

Great novelists create complex characters with complex roles. Character analysis then should focus on unraveling these complexities. Breaking down a character’s various facets of a book requires an exhaustive study of the book to reveal the author’s representation of the character through dialogue and narrative.

Below are some pointers to consider when writing an essay about a book character:

Read the book

If you have never read the literary work in question, make a point to do so with great attention to the character you’re analyzing. In case you’ve read the work before it’s advisable to reread it with emphasis on the character and their place in the story.

Notice every dialogue and narrative that your character appears in and their place in the overall plot.

In this particular case, Ron Weasley is one of the protagonists in the Harry Potter books by J. K. Rowling. In analyzing him, it’s important to establish Rowling’s description of the character. For instance, Ron is depicted in the books as the second youngest among seven siblings from a poor wizard family. He is also easygoing, reasonable and calm during tense situations although he lacks self-confidence in his abilities as a wizard.

It’s also important to take note of the interactions and relationships between the character and other characters in the books. In Ron’s case, for instance, he has six older brothers who are more accomplished in wizardry and a younger sister who is also competent in the field. He is a student at Hogwarts, where he meets his best friends Harry Potter and Hermione who are also wizards. Later in the books, he is romantically linked to Hermione.

The character’s contribution to the overall plot of the book is also crucial. In the books, Ron is seen as possessing great knowledge about the wizard realm, acquired through his family, which is valuable in their quest to defeat the antagonists. He is a loyal companion to Harry and Hermione in their exploits and provides level-headed advice to counter the more emotional reactions of his friends under pressure.

Write down important points about the character

As you read, take brief notes on any important insight into the character or that anything that would add to an in-depth personal understanding.

Consolidate your notes

Bring together all the notes into coherent ideas that embody all the aspects of the character, keeping in mind their actions and how they affect the plot as well as their growth through the story.

Prepare an outline

An outline is important in organizing your ideas and ensuring coherence as you write your analysis. An outline should be brief and contain all the main and supporting materials for your essay.

Write the character analysis

There are several stages in writing your essay on Ron Weasley. These are:

Come up with an introduction

Formulate a paragraph that best introduces the character and what role they play in the book.

The body

The body should contain a unified idea of the character. This should include the various facets of the character such as physical description, their background, personality, relationship with other characters in the book and their growth throughout the book.

The physical description should describe the character’s physical appearance and what it tells the reader about them. It is important to quote the novelist’s work directly.  In the book, Ron is described as, “tall, thin and gangling, with freckles, big hands and feet, and a long nose.” He also has red hair attributable to his family.

The background of the character is important in understanding them, this includes their history and how it has influenced them throughout the story.

The personality of the character denotes how they emotionally portray themselves in different situations, including an evaluation of their values, beliefs, and ambitions. It also reflects their language use. In the books, Ron is depicted as being humorous and easygoing, as well as being guileless. He is always portrayed as following Harry Potter’s lead in their adventures. However, this changes in time, as he develops and becomes more independent, and decisive through the books, although he never really matches his friend’s abilities.

The relationship between the character and other characters in the book must be brought out in the essay. How a character interacts with his family member, friends and anyone he comes in contact with in the story determines the role he plays and his significance in the entire plot. Ron comes from a close-knit family where he is a younger brother to six boys and an older brother to Ginevra. He is Harry Potter’s and Hermione’s closest friend and embarks on various adventures with them. The latter becomes his romantic interest later on in the books.

The character’s growth throughout the book consists mainly of their internal as well as external struggles with their feelings and skills. At the beginning of the books, Ron is depicted as being insecure and unsure of his abilities as a wizard. He uses a broken wand which malfunctions and does nothing for his confidence. He, however, later acquires a new one which he skillfully commands and begins to show signs of exceptional tactical abilities. His talents are rarely shown, but he survives a dangerous encounter with adult Death Eaters. As the story progresses, he takes possession of Peter Pettigrew’s wand and begins to demonstrate more aptitude, general knowledge, and after a terrible row with Harry, he shows a sudden spurt in maturity. In fact, for a brief period, he leads the trio in the hunt for the Horcruxes.

Ron’s relationship with Hermione is subtle at in the beginning; however, the bond strengthens as the story progresses into a budding relationship, though it is not without hindrances. They often have arguments but later reconcile. Towards the end of the books, they get married and eventually have two children.


A conclusion of the essay should tie all the ideas together and wrap them up neatly. It provides a reader with the appearance that Ron’s story has come to an end.  It should be short and brief.

It is worthy to note that while writing an essay on a book character the writer should not over quote the source material, otherwise the essay will look dull and unimpressive. The above steps are helpful in writing a good paper, use them wisely! Good luck!