How To Critique In A Proper Way

August 8, 2018

How To Critique Articles

If you want to criticize somebody’s work in the right manner, you should know a few steps to make that possible. What could be easier than to criticize something or somebody? But being a critic means not just finding what’s wrong with somebody’s point of view or outcome of work. A good critique means analysis. in this case, you do not only need to highlight what is wrong but pinpoint how exactly a person should change his work to make it perfect.

Time to time almost every one of us needs to evaluate the work of our colleagues or give a feedback about something. But you should keep in mind that a critique, as well as evaluation and feedback, exists to help other people improve the results of their work. If you will find the proper words, they would help fix the problem without concentrating on the negative side of critique.

Tips on How to Give a Proper Feedback to People

  1. Do it with respect. You should not underestimate the efforts of people as well as the results achieved.
  2. Try to keep yourself on the same level as the person that you criticize. Be that partner whos only objective is to achieve a goal.
  3. Try to motivate other people. Good critique can drive people to meet the changes.
  4. Do not try to harm other people self-respect. If done perfectly, good critics can help people change their habits.
  5. Try to improve other people’s skills while criticizing them.

How to Criticize Other People in The Right Manner

Critique is good from many angles. It helps other people to understand what they are responsible for and how they can improve that. If something is not done the way it should be done, critics allowed to fix it. But sometimes there’s a problem. And the problem is that in most cases critics sound like abuse. Do not criticize people and their articles like that.

If you don’t like something, criticize this. You should criticize everything that you don’t like even if nobody else is doing that. Do not wait when the problem will go away. It just would not disappear just because you want that.

The second step is providing the basis for your critics. You should see why you don’t like something. Always criticize the subject but not the person and never try to show up that this person is not professional. Do you remember that critique is something that is really hard to understand especially if something isn’t done in the right way.

The third step is to provide a solution when you criticize something. Always tell the people you criticize which is the best way to fix this issue. Don’t be just a person who will pinpoint what is wrong and say that everybody failed everything. If you know how to improve something you don’t like just provide the solution. It doesn’t matter whether it’s wrong or right. If you know any solution, just say about it.

What to Do If You Need to Criticize Somebody’s Article

  • Provide any feedback on somebody’s book or an article should be based on facts and arguments. Don’t say that you just don’t like the book. You should show the weak spots that push the work down.
  • Before saying your final thoughts, make sure you read the book or article more than one time to catch the general idea. When reading this article or book for the second time, make some marks to get back to this spots later. Try to understand each thesis author wanted to show in this section. Which factor coverage and can author convince his readers.
  • Try to mark questionable sections to get back to them after you read the entire article or book. Each time you read the text add more marks. This will letter help you to come up with a full list of questions to the author.
  • Write down your first impressions and make a list of factors you want to check. Maybe you already know something that you should know to criticize this work. Try to compare the facts and the conclusions with other peoples’ opinion. The conclusion is something that you should give extra attention to. If it’s too small or only briefly covers the subject, then this could ruin everything.
  • If an author includes some quotes from other science works or tried to say that some scientific theory isn’t true, the best option here is to read this theory or work. With having all the facts on your fingertips you can make the right conclusion that is based on figures and facts.

Example of Critique on “How can I store my digital photos forever?” by Jack Schofield

Today we are going to criticize the article called “How can I store my digital photos forever?” by Jack Schofield. It was published in The Guardian in April 2018. In this article, its author describes the way people used to store data and how to not lose your memories while extending the time they can be stored without changing the storage format. This article wants us to believe that the best and the most reliable ways to store photos is uploading them to such giants as Amazon and Google while keeping files on external hard drives is call not that reliable.

Yes, in 2018 the whole world is obsessed with using the Cloud in almost any side of their life. However, there are hidden pitfalls of using cloud storage for your personal files. The problem is that you no longer control your data, you only have access to it. While being in the cloud, your data is the same way vulnerable like while being stored on HDD that you keep in your garage. You also need to pay a small fee for storing your data. Whether it Cloud services charge their users on a monthly basis or one per year, you still pay for nothing but just a convenient way to access your files. Do you think your data is 100% protected from being hacked and stolen? Not at all! Just search the Internet for movie stars’ private pictures and you will see how the true meaning of “data privacy”.

Another small disadvantage that can turn into horrible consequences is that you can simply forget the credentials for the account where your entire digital life is stored. Or what if you will forget to update your billing information and all the data you have in the Cloud will be wiped away because cloud service provider will not be able to charge your credit card? Sounds not so funny, right? And what about uptime? Most Cloud service providers state that they have 99,9% uptime. But what if you will want to access your files when a system failure occurs? It already happened with some of Microsoft and Google online services, so why you think this couldn’t happen with your personal files, photos or videos.

Yes, denying the benefits of the cloud storage is silly in 2018. But in order to store your data secure and reliable, you should at least use few different methods to be sure that you have your data on your fingertips, but not just buying a simplified access to it from any part of the world.