Educational Goals (Free Sample)

July 10, 2018

Educational Goals

People do not live their lives without education. We learn every day by trial and error, reading books, watching videos, communication with people. It gives us an opportunity to make progress and achieve our goals. That is why it is great that such places as schools, colleges and universities exist and provide the education not only in usual spheres but in the different specializations too. I am glad to have a chance to visit such places and gain knowledge and experience from talented and knowing the subjects professors. That is why my huge educational goals are the bachelor of Computer Science and then the master of Cognitive Science and Technologies.

From the moment my parents bought me a computer(it was when I was 10), I understood that my dreamy profession is connected with it. I was shocked and impressed by how the computer works and how we can share the information through this instrument, especially video files. Then I started reading the literature about that and loaded into the fantastic world of mathematics and programming. Then I find that the computer is working similar to our brain and after the little research discovered the cognitive science. I dream about getting the degree in this sphere because it is a chance to invent something new and meet the scientific with whom I can share my ideas and gain the experience.

I also understand that I need to work on my soft skills. There are a lot of courses, which will help me with that. I want to learn the basics of time management, which is the essential part of daily life and simplify it a lot. If you are a good friend with your time, then it is no such things in the world which you can’t do. One more soft skill, which I want to improve is the work in the team and conflict resolution. It will be helpful not only during the university period when there will be lots of projects, and you always need to communicate with people but also during the working process. Despite the fact my profession is connected mostly to the computer, it also about knowing and understanding how to behave with people.

The term for lifelong learning is not new, and it says that we always need to study and improve what we have. It is not surprising, as the world where we live has a lot of inventions every day, and they change the process of how we are doing different things. This concept is also about the ability to react quickly to such changes and keep up with everything which is going next to you. That is why I want to keep my studying through all my life and never quit it. The spheres which I have chosen is the most progressive ones, and it is no time to yawn. Otherwise, I will miss the successful opportunities.

All in all, my desire to study these spheres is strong, and I am ready to do my best to get the named degrees. I also want to fund my bachelor and master degree on my own, and that’s why I want to find the job this summer. Moreover, I understand that after finishing the university, my study path is not over and I need to learn a lot through daily practice and to attend the refresher courses and workshops.

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