A 3000-Word Essay Per Day, Is It Real?

August 9, 2018

Simple Guidelines to Writing a 3000-Word Essay per Day

Student’s life is pretty stressful and incredibly busy featuring a constant lack of time to accomplish various tasks. Students usually have a hectic schedule that is overwhelmed by preparing different works including labs, essays, reports, and many more. They often fear of failing to meet a deadline that adds stress to their life. Some of them deliver their assignments on time while others can’t accomplish their tasks within the time limit.

There are two main reasons for such a lateness:

  1. Postponing. Putting assignments aside looks like a disaster because it infects many students. This is the main obstacle on the way to compose a 24-hours essay. If you have such a horrible habit, you can lose a number of good marks. Some people postpone everything because of their lazy lifestyle while others are involved in tons of assignments and activities and have no enough time to deliver their paper within the stipulated timeline.
  2. Choosing between several deadlines or multitask. The more courses students learn, the more assignments they get. That is why one fine moment they find themselves absolutely overwhelmed with loads of tasks and activities. In an attempt to meet all deadlines at the same time, they have less opportunity to write their brilliant and finish it on time.

Whichever reason is, having appeared behind the schedule students face panic that rubs salt in the wound. It’s better to learn how to keep calm and concentrated on the assignment even if the deadline is very close. Writing a 3000-word essay is a quite difficult task that requires from students attention, time, and special skills. That said, make effort not to leave your task to the last day, but if you come across such a problem, consider that it’s possible to deliver an essay in 24 hours.

Key Points to Write a Quality 3000-Word Essay per Day

Most students used to fulfill an assignment, particularly writing an essay, in a day. This simple step-by-step guide will help you finish a 3000-word essay in 24 hours without compromising on quality. Let’s take a look at these essential points:

Make up a plan.

Having a thorough plan is a first step on the way toward success. Whatever task you start doing, it’s recommended to plan and get prepared initially. Planning will help you make things as clear as possible, especially if you’re restricted in time. It’s a great way to factor in details and to allocate your tight period of time for your task and other needs. With an accurate plan, it’s possible to do loads of things per day but don’t forget to start with a healthy and satisfying breakfast. Your brain needs the right food to boost your memory and focus. Diet specialists encourage people to have a snack including nutritious nuts, fresh vegetables and fruits, revitalizing asparagus, and dark chocolate. Opt for food that will be able to decrease your stress level and give more physical and mental energy.

Choose a comfortable place for work.

You success mostly depends on selecting a good workstation. Writing an essay requires a quiet place with minimum irritative agents like noise, surrounding people, entertainments, TV, etc. Selecting an uncomfortable working place will make you lose focus and you will get tired fast. When organizing a workstation, take into account such must-haves as a working device, enough sources of information, bottled water, and some snacks in order to avoid constant walking to the fridge.

Say No distractions.

Today the internet with tons of online games, loads of news, and other data, is one of the hugest distractions for students. If you need to cope with a tight deadline, try to avoid any possible distractions. It’s highly important to keep focused on the main task. Remember that you have no time for gaming, watching TV, surfing the web, visiting various social networks and other distractive activities because you’re on tight schedule.

Set up a 24-hour goal.

If you need to complete a 3000-word essay within a day, you should learn how to manage your time. Establish short-term purposes with really achievable objectives. Divide your essay into sections that have to be concluded within the allotted time frame: for example, intro may need 1 hour while the main part will take approximately 4 hours. However, it is essential to include reasonable breaks in your schedule. They will help you avoid being overwhelmed.

Pay enough attention to preparing an introduction.

If you suppose that the main part of your essay is the most time-consuming and difficult section, you’re mistaken. Sometimes it’s very hard to start writing. Such a challenging opening can bring the entire writing process to a standstill. Having only 24 hours to write an essay requires from you creating at least a catchy intro. Take into account your real opportunities and don’t try to overrate your abilities – your time for task delivering is quite limited.

Do thorough research into the topic.

To write a solid essay, you need to perform a comprehensive research on your subject. If you’re focused on one topic, keep this way. But if you have a number of reference material with different topics, try to skip unnecessary info and find the relevant one. All your statements taken from another authors’ sources have to be paraphrased. If you’re caught plagiarizing, you can suffer from severe penalties including expulsion from your college or university. Moreover, this mistake can have a devastating effect on your career. Include a bibliography list with all resources uses to increase your essay’s credibility.

These simple yet important actions are easy to remember and perform. They teach how to manage your time in an extreme situation. If they seem too primitive for you or you consider them not worth your attention, you can fail to deliver your essay prior to being late with your task. Just try them and you will assure that the sky’s the limit for you – a 3000-word essay can be written within a 24-hour time limit!